Saturday, 7 April 2012

Trying out Blogsy on my iPad

I'm looking to see if I can replace, or perhaps abandon, my venerable laptop in favour of my iPad. So I started looking for tools to do all the things I normally do on my laptop.

Me in Canada
So far I've found a supposedly good SSH and VNC/RDP client called iSSH (of course, it would be), a good enough RSS reader with Google Reader integration, an accessory in the Apple store that lets you connect and transfer photos from a USB camera and now a tool for blogging that is highly rated and works with both Blogger and WordPress. So, this is just a simple post to see how The last tool (Blogsy) works. As you can see it supports Flickr, including uploading photos, hence the picture of yours truly in Canada. I stil need to get another USB keyboard and test using that, probably with Blogsy and with something that lets me edit Google Docs content, or Dropbox content. I'm thinking of trying QuickOffice Pro, but at £13.99, unlike Blogsy's £2.99,
I will have to think twice before buying it. I think once I've got a document application, I should be pretty much sorted bar having to remote connect to a desktop machine at home for the odd few things here and there, which the aforementioned VNC/RDP client should be good enough for. So, here's hoping that going "all iPad" isn't such a tough nut to crack after all. Add in a half decent "pen", as I have big fingers and most rubber nosed styluses are no better, and I'll be a happy man.


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