Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Running in new shoes

My old pair of trainers are starting to get a bit worn these days so yesterday I decided to make sure I had a new pair ready to run in when they finally fell apart. Now, I have been told that the best way to buy running shoes is to go to a specialist running shop where they will watch you run on a treadmill, examine and measure your feet and then recommend a small selection of trainers suitable for you. Sadly I'm not aware of any speciality running shops near me.

So instead I went to the local factory outlet "shopping village" to find myself some new trainers at a reasonable price. As with the last time I went looking the selection of trainers was vast. Some are labeled as running shoes and some are labeled as cross trainers and some just aren't labeled beyond their name. All in all this makes picking a new running shoe somewhat difficult if you are serious about getting a good running shoe rather than a fashion accessory. My solution to this, as always, was to try on a whole variety of pairs in different shops. With each pair I checked for comfort, and tried to practice running in the shop without looking like I was trying to do a runner with their trainers. A mildly embarrassing activity I have to admit. Eventually I settled on a pair of Reebok running shoes that seemed to fit the bill. Having now tried them for the first time I'm fairly happy with my choice too.

Anyway, after arriving home I decided to look on the web to see if there were any tips on picking the right running shoes. After all, anything has to be better than running round shoe shops trying not to arouse suspicion from the staff. So I went to google and started searching and quickly found a site for runners that actually describes all about the "hows and whys". It covers how to identify your foot type, then what "type" of trainer you should go for and finally how to identify if a trainer is that "type". So, for anyone who is thinking of buying new running shoes and wants advice on how to pick a good pair I suggest looking through this cool running website. With a bit of luck my days of embarrassing myself picking trainers are over. The site also describes all the various clothing available for runners and what is best for what conditions, how it works etc. There is also some advice on getting started running and building up your running which I found this interesting being a "beginner" myself.